Diagnostic Services:
“Nobody in American education is sharper, clearer or more perceptive in swiftly and cogently appraising a school, a curriculum or an improvement plan than Joey Gustafson and her colleagues at JM Consulting. We rely on their knowledge, sound education values, personal acumen and professionalism.”

–Chester E. Finn, Jr., Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University President, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
“Raza Development Fund (RDF) relies on JM Consulting to provide an independent, comprehensive and candid evaluation of the developmental stages of new schools and the educational performance and organizational capacity of existing schools. The assessments performed by JM Consulting are critical components of RDF’s risk analysis and facility financing investment decisions. In addition, JM Consulting has provided invaluable, targeted technical assistance leading to academic or operational improvements to schools in our portfolio.”

–Mark Van Brunt, Chief Operating Officer, Raza Development Fund
Technical Assistance:

“We, at the DC Public Charter School Board, are very pleased to have JM Consulting working with the charter schools in DC. JM Consulting’s governance work has become a critical element of our charter school oversight. The governance training and support have helped charter school boards to understand their roles and to provide support for strong academic results for students. Not only has the content of the work been superior, but our working relationship as a client has also always been valued.”

–Josephine Baker, Executive Director, District of Columbia Public Charter School Board

"When we bought our school facility, one of our financiers recommended that we work with JM Consulting Inc. JM had the ability to work with our school community and quickly figured out how to help us get where we wanted to be. They have become an important partner in refining our school's organization and academics, and has helped us make the changes needed to become a great school."

–Luis Miranda, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Amber Charter School & Principal,
The Mirram Group

Research & Planning:


"We, at Edison Schools, have worked with JM Consulting Inc. on several long-term initiatives. When we need a project tackled with a sense of urgency, efficiency, and a maximum understanding of our school design and business model, we call
JM Consulting Inc. When our work is at a critical juncture, we know that we can expect solid analysis and creative solutions to be generated. JM Consulting Inc. shares our commitment to exemplary support of our schools and classrooms."

–Deborah McGriff, Chief Communications Officer, Edison Schools & Former Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools


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